About Us

Malikar has been providing consulting services to companies and organizations for over a decade. We address productivity and accomplishment concerns of a wide spectrum of customers doing business in India.

Hard Facts, Harder to Ignore
  • If businesses are to survive and thrive, they must grow.

  • It is essential for organizations to innovate, develop new products or services, expand into new markets, reorganize, introduce new technology, and change their  working methods and practices.

  • Organizations that do not change voluntarily, may be forced to do so because of competition and changes in the business, political and social environment.

  • Every employee has the potential to improve or damage customer perception and preferences.

  • Today’s customer can afford to be unforgiving, therefore organizations must focus on developing and improving their relationship with their customers.

  • Brand loyalties are being eroded.

  • Today, marketing is more of a customer-focused organizational philosophy than a department.
Malikar views organizations holistically, focusing equally on the processes between the parts of an organization and on the parts themselves. We employ the skills of experienced management professionals, trainers, coaches, behavioural scientists, writers, editors and cultural counsellors. Our specialists work independently as well as in teams to address strategic, talent, brand, communications, process and many more critical organizational health issues.